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Paris Family Dental provides many services for our patients and now we are offering a variety of services for adult patients covered under Medicaid. Texas adult dental Medicaid coverage are x-rays, exams, extractions and bone grafts. Each of these services are important to the oral health of our patients. Dental x-rays are important for the prevention and detection of dental problems. Dental x-rays are images taken of the teeth. The Dr. Del Toro uses these images to evaluate a the oral health of the patient. The x-rays are used by to identify areas of decay, bone loss, abscesses, impacted or missing teeth, and other dental problems. These images help to aid the Dentist in his diagnosis and recommended treatment. The x-rays are evaluated during a dental health of the patient. During the dental exam the Dentist checks the teeth of the patient along with the x-rays.

During the exam for a Medicaid patient, Dr. Del Toro will check for oral problems and checks for issues like oral cancer, periodontal disease, decay, fractured teeth, and other issues. X-rays and an exam are needed to diagnose oral problems that may be occurring but they are also used to help prevent and identify issues before they occur or get worse. Being proactive is extremely important to maintaining good oral health. Sometimes teeth may reach the point where they cannot be restored or saved and an extraction is needed. An extraction is when the entire tooth is removed from the bone. Some reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted is severe decay, non restorable fractured tooth or teeth, or extremely mobile teeth. When a tooth is lost, the extraction of bone graft may be needed to restore the bone to its previous form. Bone grafting is used to help stimulate bone growth.  Over time, after a tooth is lost, the bone begins to deteriorate. This is part of the service provided for Medicaid patients.

Bone grafting is used to restore and prevent further bone loss as well as strengthen the area where the tooth was lost. If a patient has periodontal disease, the teeth may experience bone loss and become mobile. During these cases of bone loss, bone grafting can be used to strengthen the foundation of the teeth. Having a strong foundation is extremely important and needed especially when considering dental implants. If bone is not strong enough, implants may not be an option because it won’t be able to support the implant. Fortunately with bone grafting, bone can be replaced and be strong enough to support dental implants. Each of these services are important for the patient to be able to maintain good oral health. Paris Family Dental is dedicated to providing services that will help aid our patients in their goal for good oral health and we are pleased to be able to offer these services now to adults who are covered under Medicaid.


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