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Implant Dentures

When a person loses a tooth or several teeth it can be very scary and frustrating especially if it affects the way they eat or talk. One way to replace missing teeth is to have dentures made. Full dentures cover the full upper and lower arches of the mouth. A person can either have one denture or a complete set of dentures. 

 If a person has dentures they know that it may take some time to get used to them. One of the biggest complaints people have about dentures is they don’t stay in place when they talk or chew. Nothing is more embarrassing than having dentures fall out when eating or speaking. In the past the only solution to this problem was to use denture adhesive. 

 However, even denture adhesives only work so long and so well. When adhesive doesn’t do the trick a person may just give up and try to get used to the loose dentures. Fortunately, at Paris Family Dental we offer several solutions to our patients suffering from loose dentures. At our Paris Texas office, we offer implant-supported dentures. 

 Implant dentures are an excellent option for anyone who may need dentures or who may need more support with their current dentures. When someone is missing teeth they know how embarrassing it can be to talk or smile. They also know how frustrating it can be to try to eat without a full set of teeth. Implant dentures improve a person’s smile, help them eat the foods they love, and ease any fears of loose dentures when talking or chewing in any situation. 

 Here at Paris Family Dental, we can assist anyone in finding the ideal solution for their missing teeth so they can once again smile with confidence. At our Paris Texas dental office, we also offer other implant options for replacing missing teeth. These include dental implant bridges and single dental implants. We consult with our patients about their dental needs and find a solution that fits their lifestyle and dental health.

Missing Teeth Effects

When a person has lost one or more of their teeth, they may begin to see several negative effects. The effects of missing teeth can not only affect a person’s mouth but can also affect their overall health. Some of the effects of missing teeth can have include:

  • Poor confidence with smiling

  • Difficulty talking

  • Facial sagging 

  • Shifting of other teeth

  • Overuse and failure of remaining teeth

  • Difficulty chewing and eating

  • Malnutrition

Having implants placed and using them to support a denture is a great way to help improve overall health and self-confidence.

Denture Types

Partial Implant Dentures

When a person is missing teeth there are several different treatment plans they can choose depending on the health of their remaining teeth and gums. Partial implant dentures replace several missing teeth, but less than an entire arch. Partial implant dentures work by being secured on top of implants and snapped into place. One benefit to implant-supported partials is that it removes any need for visible metal clasps that are seen when a person smiles. Removing the need for clasps also helps alleviate any pressure put on the teeth the clasp attaches too.

dental-implant-dentures-paris-txFull Implant Dentures

Full implant dentures are used to replace an entire set of teeth. When a person is missing all their teeth, implant-supported dentures are a great option for them to regain their smile, bite, and facial appearance. At Paris Family Dental we offer our patients two types of implant-supported dentures. 

The two types we offer include dentures that are supported by two or more implants but can be removed or dentures that are more permanent and don’t come out of the mouth. The more permanent implant denture is one that remains attached in the mouth until removed by the dentist. These dentures are supported by several implants and are made to stay in until removed periodically by the dentist. 

At our Paris Texas office, we can answer anyone’s questions they may have about what denture is best for them. If a person already has dentures and wants to convert them to an implant denture, that is also an option our office provides. With all the advancements in technology these days, no person should have to suffer from missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Contact Paris Family Dental to learn more about our many options to help restore a smile.


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