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Implant Dentures

Have you lost multiple teeth? Do your missing teeth or current dentures embarrass you when you smile or talk. Are you limited to certain foods you can eat? If so, implant dentures are an excellent option for replacing those missing teeth. Implant dentures improve your smile, restore you back to eating the foods you love, and erase fear as you enjoy time with family and friends. Here at Paris Family Dental, we can assist you in finding the ideal solution for your missing teeth so you can smile with confidence.

At our Paris Texas dental office, we offer many implant options for replacing missing teeth. This includes implant dentures, dental implant bridges, and single dental implants. We will consult with you about your dental needs and find a solution that fits your lifestyle and your dental health.

Missing Teeth Effects

When you have lost one or more of your teeth, you may begin to see a variety of serious negative effects. These can go far beyond your
mouth and to the health of your whole body.implant-dentures-paris-texas

Effects of missing teeth can include:

  • Decreased smile esthetics
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Changes in your facial appearance
  • Shifting of other teeth
  • Overload and failure of other teeth
  • Difficulty chewing and eating
  • Malnutrition

Implant dentures can help with these issues to maintain your youthful appearance, overall health, and self-confidence.

Denture Types

Partial implant dentures substitute one or more of your teeth, but less than your entire arch. Partial implant dentures are secured atop implants, which are carefully positioned below the gums. This removes any need for those embarrassing metal clasps that look so ugly when you smile and overload and stress adjacent teeth, causing those teeth to fail and more needed dental work in the future.
Full implant dentures replace an entire set of teeth, such as the entire upper or lower teeth. These are personalized replacement teeth that enhance your smile, bite, and even your facial appearance. When a full implant denture is in use on the upper, there is no need for the denture to be suctioned to the roof of the mouth or to use any of those silly denture pastes or creams any longer. Now you can taste your food better, chew better, speak better, and have no worry that your teeth will fall out while you are talking with friends and family. Full lower implant dentures are truly a modern-day miracle. Now, instead of using gravity and imagination to keep your lower denture still while you talk and eat, you can have your denture securely held in position at all times–what a relief!

dental-implant-dentures-paris-txSome implant-secured dentures are removable like traditional dentures, but they are held firmly in place by two or more dental implants. This type of denture gives improved functionality and is less likely to slip (compared to traditional dentures), will not put stress on the adjacent teeth (as partial dentures sometimes can), and will give you more comfort, security, and confidence. But, what if you don’t want an implant denture that comes in and out? No problem! Implant dentures can be made that will not come in our out of your mouth unless the dentist removes it. What if I already have an existing denture, can I use that and convert it to an implant denture? Absolutely! With all the advancements in technology these days, the sky is practically the limit, just ask us how!

We will work with each patient individually to discuss the details of your treatment and any possible alternatives. Our top priority is to provide you with the highest standard of care.

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