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We know you are tired of hearing it BUT… Flossing is essential to good oral hygiene. Why floss if you already brush your teeth, especially since it is a laborious task.  Trust your dental professionals when we say that flossing will increase your dental and overall health.

How Does Flossing Benefit Me?

Many don’t understand that skipping flossing skips cleaning 35 percent of the tooth surfaces in your mouth, where brush bristles cannot reach between your teeth. Unfortunately, however, bacteria can! Flossing completes the cleaning process of your teeth.

Regular flossing can:

  • Prevent cavities. Have you ever flossed, even after brushing, and were surprised to find a “second meal”? Flossing removes food debris and plaque and prevents cavities between the teeth.
  • Bad breath. Food and plaque left between teeth can leave a  bad smell. Gross!
  • Prevent tartar and gum disease. If left too long, plaque hardens into tartar (calculus), which then requires removal by a dental professional. Tartar can lead to gum disease and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease is directly correlated with other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and stroke.
  • Maintain appearance. The constant presence of food debris and plaque darken and dull teeth over time. Flossing helps maintain a whiter and brighter smile!

For Flossing To Work, It Has To Be Done Correctly

To maximize the benefits of flossing it must be done correctly. In a 2006, researchers wanted to if daily flossing at home had the same benefits as having daily flossing done by professionals. The study showed that participants who were flossed by professionals had a 40 percent decrease in risk of cavities than their at-home flossing counterparts. The researchers concluded that flossing, when done properly, has a substantial, positive effect on oral health.

Many people just snap the floss in between their teeth and pull it back out, thinking they have done everything that is needed. To correctly floss around the tooth, the floss must be curved around the tooth, hugging it in a C-shaped pattern and moving it up and down against the surface in between the teeth from the height of the chewing surface to gently down below the gums. Don’t forget the adjacent tooth surface before you pull the floss back out!

The Flossing Challenge
We challenge you to make flossing a part of your daily oral healthcare routine. Our promise is that you’ll feel the difference! If you still have questions about flossing, call or come in to see us!

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