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Tooth pain can be very scary especially when a person doesn’t have insurance. At Paris Family Dental we strive to get all our patients the treatment they need. We are excited to let our adult patients on Superiore Medicaid know that there are several services and procedures we provide that are covered under their insurance.  

When suffering from tooth pain the problem causing that pain can become an emergency. If a patient has a sudden dental emergency, our office is ready to help. Paris Family Dental makes sure to allow time for all dental emergencies. Nothing can be more scary than having a tooth problem and not knowing what to do. Many people may not know if what’s hurting or concerning them can be considered a dental emergency. However, our office takes everyone’s concerns seriously and will work to address those concerns.

With adult Medicaid our patients can come in for emergencies without fearing what it will cost them out of pocket. The dentists at Paris Family Dental are able to provide certain services covered under adult Medicaid that will allow them to diagnose any condition. Some of the services and procedures covered by adult Medicaid include:

With adult Medicaid coverage Paris Family Dental can also address those emergencies with little cost to our patients. Dental emergencies can occur at any time. We know that these emergencies are unexpected and must be addressed quickly. Our office is always available to help if someone experiences an emergency. Some dental emergencies that we see include:

  • accidents
  • severe toothache 
  • broken tooth
  • excessive bleeding
  • loose or lost tooth
  • abscesses 


When a person has an accident that affects their teeth or mouth it’s important to see one of our dentists as soon as possible. Trauma to a tooth after an accident must be addressed quickly as to avoid further damage or severe pain. Sometimes an accident can fracture a tooth below the gum line. With adult Medicaid the exam and x-rays are covered. The exam and x-rays help the dentist check for fractures and provide the best treatment options for each patient. 


An exam and x-rays are also crucial when trying to find the source of a toothache. Sometimes the pain can come from a fractured, abscessed, or decayed tooth. Having an exam and x-rays taken will help our dentists pinpoint the source of the toothache and treat it properly


When a tooth is broken, x-rays are needed of the tooth to see how deep the fracture goes. Sometimes with broken teeth the fracture reaches the nerve of the tooth. This can cause severe pain. Checking the x-ray and seeing how far the fracture goes will help the dentist decide if extracting the tooth is needed.


Gums in the mouth do not bleed unless there is infection, trauma, or gum disease. If someone is experiencing excessive bleeding it’s important to see one of our dentists and find the cause of the bleeding. If the bleeding is caused by gum disease it’s important to address the infection. Leaving active infection anywhere in the body, even the mouth, is not healthy. 


Losing a tooth as an adult is not normal. Permanent teeth should not be lost unless caused by trauma or gum disease. Severe trauma can cause a tooth to come out. Also severe gum disease can cause teeth to be lost. Gum disease causes the bone that surrounds the teeth to recede. This causes the teeth to lose their foundation and become loose and eventually lost. With an exam and x-rays the dentist can see a patient’s bone level and address what the possible cause is. 


As mentioned above an infection left in the mouth is not good for the teeth and gums or overall health.  X-rays taken of the mouth can detect infection and it’s source. This will allow the dentist to decide what treatment is best to eliminate the infection.  

One of the procedures covered under adult Medicaid is bone grafting. Bone grafting can be very beneficial especially when someone has lost a tooth or has been experiencing bone loss. When a person loses a tooth or has it extracted, the space that is left can, over time, cause their jawbone to resorb or atrophy. This can lead to facial sagging or shifting of the remaining teeth. 

Also when a patient has periodontal disease, the jawbone becomes weakened causing the teeth to become loose. Having bone grafting as a covered procedure under adult Medicaid, allows a patient the opportunity to save the bone is the jaw before it progresses and gets worse. This is beneficial especially if a patient chooses to have future treatment where adequate bone is required.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Here at Paris Family Dental we know that these emergencies are unexpected and must be addressed quickly. Our Paris, TX office is always available to help if someone experiences an emergency. With adult Medicaid patients now have a variety of services and procedures that are covered under their plan. When an emergency arises please contact our office. We are ready to help with any questions or concerns.

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