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Studies have shown that positive first impressions are directly enhanced by an attractive smile.  Those with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful, more intelligent, more youthful and they are even seen as having more dates.  Many people would assume then that the benefits of a well-aligned smile are purely cosmetic–yet, there are numerous health benefits as well.

Crooked Teeth Consequences

Crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth can impact a person’s health negatively and impede their quality of life.  In this post we will address several of the top health issues and their consequences.

Cleaning Difficulties

It can be challenging to keep teeth clean when they overlap each other in abnormal ways.  Brushing and flossing are easier when teeth are straight and evenly set. Tooth decay, cavities, and even gingivitis are a greater risk when teeth can not be cleaned effectively.

Clearly Speaking

Your teeth are a vital component to proper speech and articulation of your words.  Overbites, underbites, and other teeth alignment problems can hinder one’s ability to speak clearly, as well as causing lisps and other irregularities of speech.

Chewing and Digestion

Teeth that do not come together properly can interfere with chewing, which in turn, directly affects the digestion process.  While saliva breaks food down on a chemical level, our teeth break food down into smaller, more manageable pieces for absorption by our bodies. Crooked teeth can make it troublesome and sometimes even impossible to chew your food enough for this process. In order for digestion to work smoothly it is best for our food to be chewed slowly and completely before swallowing.  When this does not happen, the rest of our digestive tract is forced to work harder to pick up the slack, which results in unpleasant gastrointestinal issues. Losing weight can even be harder because of these effects on your digestion.

Contributes to Breathing Problems

When resting, straight teeth allow the mouth and jaws to close properly, while crooked teeth can inhibit this ability to close the mouth comfortably.  Keeping the jaws open while resting, leads to mouth breathing and its many negative health problems. Two oral concerns directly caused from this are dry mouth and chronic bad breath.

Chronic Jaw Issues

Issues with your bite can also result in chronic jaw issues.  Symptoms such as a clicking jaw joint, frequent dull headaches, jaw pain and/or jaw soreness can be signs of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.

Consider the Investment

Our practice can help you best determine if your teeth need straightening, especially if you are experiencing any of these issues.  Many of these problems can be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated by having straight teeth. Considering both the health benefits as well as the confidence boosting cosmetic advantages of orthodontic treatment, it is a very worthwhile investment!  You deserve the very best for your teeth! Contact our office today and let us assist you in finding your ideal dental options.

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