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Seasonal Allergies and Oral Health Connection

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Hello, Spring!

The spring showers bring the blooms of May, and along with them are allergy symptoms! Seasonal allergies affect the immune systems of millions of people every year. Did you know that your allergies can also affect the health of your mouth and teeth?

What are the Roots of Annual Allergies?

Several potential causes or allergens can set off an allergic reaction in someone who suffers from allergies throughout the year. The spring and the fall are the two times of the year when allergy symptoms appear to be at their worst for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. Trees and grass are in the pollination stage during spring, while ragweed does so in autumn. Spore production by mold also occurs during this season. These pollination cycles are the root cause of our itchy, watery eyes and runny nose that accompany the change of seasons. During these periods, most people have to suffer through long months of having an itchy nose, eyes, mouth, and throat in addition to puffy eyes, sneezing, and coughing. These symptoms are the reason for the immune system’s overreaction to seasonal stimuli and allergens in the environment.

Allergies and the Health of Your Teeth?

A dry mouth has a harmful effect. is the most typical symptom of seasonal allergies which can also cause tingling or swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, and sore gums. However, some types of allergies can cause other oral health problems, such as hives. Because of the congestion in our sinuses, we can breathe via our mouths and not our nostrils when we have the condition. It then leads to a reduction in saliva production, which in turn creates a dry mouth. As was said in one of our earlier blog pieces, having a dry mouth is the worst possible thing that can happen to your oral health, and if not treated, it can lead to tooth decay. The first line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease is the saliva we produce in our mouths.

What Options Do You Have?

It is essential to find strategies to avoid allergens wherever possible; however, because allergens are frequently airborne, this can be difficult to achieve. Staying indoors on days with high winds, when the majority of allergens are throughout the air, can help limit your exposure to allergy triggers. It may also be beneficial to use a pollen mask while working in the yard and to avoid using window fans, which can carry pollen and mold spores into your home by bringing outside air indoors. If you are in a situation in the depths of an allergy attack, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and chew sugar-free gum to stimulate your salivary glands. Both of these things will help reduce the severity of the symptoms that you are experiencing. The routine of cleaning and flossing your teeth every day during this time is essential. Use any anti-allergy medicine that your primary care physician or an allergist advises you to use can alleviate congestion.

Together, We Will Fight Allergies!

If you are experiencing a dry mouth, as a side-effect of your seasonal allergies or for any other reason, call our office today! Your oral health is our #1 priority! Together we can develop a plan to keep your mouth healthy throughout allergy season…and all year long!! For all of your family, cosmetic, or restorative dental needs, we invite you to contact Paris Family Dental. Call us today to schedule your appointment at (903) 732-0061! Visit us at 2333 Lamar Ave, Paris, TX 75460 to learn more about our team, our practice, and how we provide excellence in dentistry in our area.

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