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Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentist Paris TXAt Dr. Del Toro’s office, we offer the best in cosmetic dentistry. From porcelain veneers to crowns and bridges, we offer it all, and we are the experts in our field. We know how to make your smile bright and beautiful again through an array of options we can discuss with you during your initial consultation.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a simple process utilized to mask cosmetic flaws in your smile. The great thing about this treatment is it offers dramatic improvement and provides a Hollywood-worthy smile. Veneers are thin yet remarkably strong and greatly improve the look of your teeth.

These “shells” are made of porcelain and are customized to fit snugly over the front of your tooth. Veneers provide long-lasting results and can make your smile look younger, healthier, and more attractive.

This procedure works well for patients wanting to hide:

  • Stains, Chips, and Cracks
  • Broken Teeth
  • Cracks in Teeth
  • Gaps in Teeth

We make sure your materials for treatment are of the highest quality and produced in the best laboratory. The materials and results will be checked for color, size, and will be matched exactly to your teeth to produce a natural, healthy, and beautiful smile.


A tooth that can’t be repaired with a simple filling may, in fact, need a crown. Crowns are beneficial when you experience decayed or damaged teeth that can’t be repaired by a simpler process. A decaying tooth can cause you a lot of pain, but it is repairable and important to remedy right away to stop the spread of decay. We offer all porcelain crowns to fix this problem.

Porcelain crowns are the same color as natural teeth. They work by fitting snugly over and completely surrounding the damaged tooth. We will customize the crown to fit directly onto the natural tooth after treating the decay. Once the bond is complete, your tooth will be strong again, your smile restored, and your pain should cease. In some cases, crowns can also be utilized cosmetically, such as when a tooth is severely discolored or not an ideal shape.

The crown procedure could take up to two appointments to complete. The process includes:

  • The tooth is prepped for the crown placement – any necessary shaping of the tooth must first be completed.
  • Impressions are made so that the crown can be created properly.
  • The crown is placed over the tooth through a bonding process.

You should care for your crown as you would any regular teeth by flossing and brushing daily and maintaining your normal routine check-ups.


Dental bridges work just as their name suggests. They create a “bridge” by filling in any gaps caused by missing or broken teeth. These prosthetics are made up of two “anchor crowns” that neighbor the prosthetic teeth designed to replace the missing teeth. The anchor crowns fit over existing teeth to hold the entire prosthetic in place. Bridges can be anchored in place using crowns or dental implants. The other benefit to bridges is they can help your bite and improve your teeth by changing the way you chew or bite down.

White Fillings

White fillings have replaced the traditional metallic fillings to make your smile and mouth look as natural as possible. They can be used to fix cavities, minor imperfections in the teeth, decayed teeth, and old metal fillings that are not working properly. Sometimes people use them just for cosmetic replacement in place of an old metal looking filling.

Our tooth colored fillings are strong and offer a very natural look to your teeth. Old fillings can also be replaced with new white ones for strength, durability, and to create a more attractive smile. They offer strong protection against damage or decay. The fillings can be customized to match your teeth perfectly.

Clear Correct and Clear Braces


There is now a convenient and easy way to straighten teeth through Clear Correct and clear braces. Some patients even see results in a matter of months with this method. Clear braces can fix many minor orthodontic issues. It is important to seek a full consultation to see if the Clear Correct cosmetic repair will work for your orthodontic situation.

Teeth Whitening

We also offer professional teeth whitening solutions through customized fitted bleaching trays provided along with bleaching gels.

All cosmetic dental treatments and services are performed by Dr. Del Toro and staff, so call us today at (903) 732-0061 to find out more about your dental treatment options.


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