What Causes Gum Recession

What Causes Gum Recession Gum recession is one of the most common dental problems that are often missed by a patient. The reason it often gets overlooked is that it can take decades before the effects are detected by a patient. If left untreated, bacteria can get in...

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Are Babies Teeth Important?

THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF BABY TEETH There’s an old wives' tale that says, “It’s not important to take care of baby teeth because they’re going to fall out anyway.” Oh, how many parents wish that were truth! It’s hard enough for adults to remember good brushing/flossing...

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Secrets of Women Oral Heath

WOMEN’S ORAL HEALTH Men and women have many similarities, but when it comes to oral health, there can also be quite a few differences. Our blog post today will delve into the unique concerns women face when it comes to their oral health. Sjögren’s and TMJ Syndrome...

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How to brush your teeth correctly

  How to brush your teeth correctly We brush our teeth so often that sometimes we are on automatic pilot while we brush. There are also times when we are so rushed to get ready for work in the morning or are so tired before bed at night that we may be hurrying...

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Wisdome Teeth: Some Fun and Interesting Facts

WISDOM TEETH: SOME FUN AND INTERESTING FACTS Wisdom teeth usually appear in the mouth between the ages of 17 and 25, often causing problems that lead to their removal. Since almost everyone has at least one wisdom tooth removed, it might be wise (and interesting) to...

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White Spots: Causes and Treatments

  WHITE SPOTS: CAUSES AND TREATMENTS Everybody wants to have white teeth and a radiant smile! However, you may have noticed white spots on someone else’s teeth when they smile, or you may have you found white spots on your own teeth. What causes these white...

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Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria

Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria Though you may not be aware of it, at this very moment, there is a battle being fought inside your mouth to determine the destiny of your teeth. Luckily, you are the person who has control of this battle; you are the one who can...

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Seasonal Allergies & Your Oral Health

THE ORAL AND OVERALL HEALTH CONNECTION Hello, Spring! April showers bring May flowers...and allergies, too!! Millions of people experience seasonal allergies every year. Did you know that your allergies can also affect your oral health? What Causes Seasonal Allergies?...

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Why Straight Teeth?

WHY STRAIGHT TEETH? Studies have shown that positive first impressions are directly enhanced by an attractive smile.  Those with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful, more intelligent, more youthful and they are even seen as having more dates.  Many...

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The Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Link

THE ORAL AND OVERALL HEALTH CONNECTION WE’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND WE’LL SAY IT AGAIN… healthy mouth equals healthy body! Most people will admit this is not what comes to mind first when they think of dental care. But, your oral and overall health are very much connected...

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