Do you brush your teeth correctly?

DO YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH CORRECTLY? We brush our teeth so often that sometimes we are on automatic pilot while we brush. There are also times when we are so rushed to get ready for work in the morning or are so tired before bed at night that we may be hurrying through the process of cleaning our teeth. The result may be cavities or gum damage. Take a moment to read through the following brushing techniques so that you ...
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What Have You Done for Your Toothbrush Lately?

What Have You Done for Your Toothbrush Lately? Your toothbrush takes care of your mouth in so many ways. It keeps your teeth, gums, and tongue clean and accesses hard-to-reach areas in your mouth to remove food particles and plaque. It reduces your risk for gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. It keeps your body healthy, your breath fresh, and your smile bright and confident. Your toothbrush does a lot for you, but what do you do for it? 1 ...
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Wisdome Teeth: Some Fun and Interesting Facts

WISDOM TEETH: SOME FUN AND INTERESTING FACTS Wisdom teeth usually appear in the mouth between the ages of 17 and 25, often causing problems that lead to their removal. Since almost everyone has at least one wisdom tooth removed, it might be wise (and interesting) to learn some facts about wisdom teeth! Wisdom teeth are vestigial third molars, meaning that through the process of evolution, the teeth have stopped forming properly or have stopped being used. Ancient civilizations needed their ...
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White Spots: Causes and Treatments

WHITE SPOTS: CAUSES AND TREATMENTS Everybody wants to have white teeth and a radiant smile! However, you may have noticed white spots on someone else’s teeth when they smile, or you may have you found white spots on your own teeth. What causes these white spots? Is it possible to get rid of them? What causes white spots on teeth? Fluorosis. When children are young and consume too much fluoride, their teeth—developing below the gums—can sometimes form white spots. Flourosis ...
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Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria

Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria Though you may not be aware of it, at this very moment, there is a battle being fought inside your mouth to determine the destiny of your teeth. Luckily, you are the person who has control of this battle; you are the one who can turn the battle in your favor, determine the outcome, and become the victor. The Guardian, the Invader, and their Allies Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the body, is the ...
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